Ruler Of Bocce -Measuring Device (Stainless Steel) – (12 Foot Tape)

Introducing the “Ruler Of Bocce,” a bocce ball measuring device that eliminates dispute and guesswork when repositioning a tape measure for second ball measurements. The stationary position and 360 degree swivel bearing feature allow users to place the device over the pallino ball and measure the distances of two different bocce balls without ever having to move from the pallino’s position. With the 360 degree action, there is no more guesswork involved when calling a point, making game keeping accurate and enjoyable for everyone. This unit supports Alzheimers Dementia Awareness and is designed to cover all pallino’s up to and including 60mm size. It is made with a stainless steel base construction and features a 12-foot long tape measure.

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  • Stainless Steel Can Construction
  • 360 Degree Swivel Action - Attached To Can Top
  • 12-Foot Long Tape Measure (for the measurement of Beginners Tossing)
  • Keeping Of Accurate Game Measurements
Ruler Of Bocce -Measuring Device (Stainless Steel) - (12 Foot Tape)
Ruler Of Bocce -Measuring Device (Stainless Steel) - (12 Foot Tape)
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