Great FAUNNA Zippered Pillow Protectors Cover Case (Standard, 20×26) (4-Pack) – Soft Comfortable Sateen 100% Long-Staple Cotton- Quiet and Breathable Bed Pillowcase

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For Luxurious Comfort and Embraced Well-being


At Faunna, we merge luxury with eco-consciousness, offering bedding that ensures your comfort and supports the planet. Our range boasts elegant design and premium, ethically-sourced materials.

Faunna is not just a brand, but a commitment to restful sleep and environmental responsibility. Embrace Faunna for sleep that’s both a luxurious retreat and a responsible choice.

FAUNNA Pillowcases

Faunna Pillow Protector CaseFaunna Pillow Protector Case

Faunna Pillow Protector Case

Discover serene slumber with Faunna’s Pillow Protector, combining luxury strip design and high-thread cotton for ultimate pillow care.

How did we get our start?

Faunna began with a vision to harmonize restful sleep with environmental responsibility, inspired by the growing priority of sleep wellness and the need for sustainable, high-quality bedding in the market.

What makes our products unique?

Our uniqueness stems from our commitment to creating luxurious, ethically sourced OEKO-TEX 100 certified sleep products, tailored for diverse comfort and health needs.

Why do we love what we do?

Our passion lies in crafting sustainable, health-focused sleep solutions that truly better health and protect our planet.

💤 Pure 100% Long-Staple Cotton: 600 thread-count cotton with a sateen finish and a fully zipped enclosure zipper for a super soft and satiny look. Longer cotton fibers can be spun into stronger, and produce more smooth and supple weaves. With high density, the woven surfaces can effectively build up protection, keep your pillow tidy.
👍 High-quality fabric: Our covers are CERTIFIED STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX which means they are third-party tested for sustainably made, skin-friendly, safe for you and your loved ones.
🌀 Breathable & Luxury Strip Design: Made in high-quality cotton, breathability, silent & comfort, give you cool and soft feeling all night. Ultra-thin, advanced fiber so that there won’t change the feel of your pillows. What’s more, with the luxury strip design, piping along the edge creates a neatly tailored appearance, luxury hotel quality you will get. A perfect upgrade for any bedroom.
💦 Easy to Clean: With the high-quality invisible zipper, the pillow protectors are machine washable and can be removed easily. A sleek and durable zipper creates the best protection for your pillow.Extend the life and longevity of your pillow.
💛 Ethically Made: Our products are made in a family-owned facility that has been making sheets for over 10 years. Our greatest cherished desire is helping our customers have a good night sleeping everyday. We have a lot of work to do, and we intend to dedicate ourselves to doing it.

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