awesome Queen/Full Mattress Vacuum Bag for Moving and Storage, Memory Foam Latex Mattress Storage Bags Full Queen Size for Mattress up to 14 Inches

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Product Description


Looking for a compressible VACUUM MATTRESS BAG to move & store your foam mattress?

Start compressing your foam mattress with Storage Master mattress vacuum storage bags.

Storing a foam/latex mattress or moving it from place to place can be a huge challenge. One of the biggest damage to mattresses comes from the moving and storage process. Unfortunately, memory foam mattresses are prone to damage when moved, making protective mattress bags an absolute essential. Without mattress bag covers, your floppy mattress will likely become dirty while in transit.


Why a vacuum mattress bag?


Mattress bags are the ideal protective layer covering your mattress. Ever seen the inside of a storage unit? No matter how clean they appear to be, everything will be covered in dust.

Prevents Rips and Tears

Mattresses can rip after some hard handling during moving. With a mattress bag made from durable plastic and binding straps, there is no fear of something accidentally knocking into it and ripping up your mattress. This is especially great if you are planning on moving in a moving truck.


Tips for Mattress Storage

Some of the foam mattress that made from hybrid material (latex + memory foam) and thicker than 14 inches may NOT be compressed and rolled, Please make sure your mattress is soft enough before buying this mattress bag.

1. Clean the Mattress Thoroughly

Before moving or storing a mattress, be sure to thoroughly clean the mattress.

2. For airtightness, move the zip clip along zipper back & forth several times and double check the zip closure to make sure it is fully closed.

3. Do not remove or try to force the valve open.

Extra Thick & Durable: this vacuum mattress storage bag queen full size enables perfect moving, shipping, and long-term storage without tearing, fitting for mattresses up to 14 inches.
Stain & Water Resistant: Our mattress vacuum bag queen size is water resistant and stain resistant for full protection against stain, wet, dust, and moisture. Protecting your pricey mattress as new!
Reusable & Multi-use: The queen mattress storage bag can be reused for multiple moves with proper care, saving you a bunch of money in the long run. Excellent for storing or transporting mattresses.
4 Straps & Easy To Use: The customized design allows the queen mattress moving bag to slide on and off the mattress easily.

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