awesome Organic Buckwheat Pillow for Sleeping – Queen Size 20”x26”, Adjustable Loft, Breathable for Cool Sleep, Cervical Support for Back and Side Sleepers(Tartary Buckwheat Hulls)

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Give You High Quality Life


Our brand LOFE originated from the meaning of LOVE LIFE, which means that we hope our products give you a higher quality life. We are a small company specializing in the development of pillows.

Our factory has been producing pillows for more than 20 years. We always start with what our customers want and find a way to meet their needs. We try our best to develop pillows through 1000+ tests.

Say goodbye to neck pain to have a higher quality life.

Various Buckwheat Pillows

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Every 1-2 months, expose the buckwheat pillow to the sun completely in the air. Ventilation and air drying in the sun can eliminate moisture and extend the service life of pillow core.


Firm is the characteristic of buckwheat hulls, which is helpful to support the spine. Adding/removing the buckwheat hulls to a suitable height, not letting your neck hang in the air.


Fluidity is the characteristic of buckwheat husks. When you move your head, there will be some slight sound. Fluidity of buckwheat husks can repel heat allowing air to flow between husks and keep your head cool.

100% TARTARY BUCKWHEAT HULLS: Buckwheat is divided into common buckwheat and tartary buckwheat. The tartary buckwheat of Lofe adjustable buckwheat pillow helps eliminate fatigue and tension, and make you sleep more calmly. Our buckwheat pillow filled with tartary buckwheat hulls can relax your neck. We pick and use premium tartary buckwheat hulls which are treated with high temperature.
ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: Side zipper provides a convenient way to add / remove buckwheat filling and adjust the buckwheat pillow’s height to your liking.
SUPERIOR SUPPORT: Buckwheat Hulls provide adjustable support for your head & neck to get maximum comfort. The buckwheat pillow helps eliminate fatigue and tension, and make you sleep more calmly.
BUCKWHEAT KEEPS YOUR HEAD COOL: The buckwheat hulls of our adjustable buckwheat pillow repel heat allowing air to flow between husks.
ATTENTION-BUCKWHEAT PILLOW’S CHARACTERISTICS: 1. Firmness, helps provide good support for your neck. 2. A slight sound when moving the head, the buckwheat hulls have fluidity, allowing air to flow to keep your head cool. 3. A little odor, it is buckwheat hull’s orginal smell and don’t worry, sleep on your adjustable buckwheat pillow immediately is not harmful.

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