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logo the bed tuckerlogo the bed tucker

The Secret of Hotel Housekeepers is no longer a secret!

Make a nice, neatly made bed, without the back strain! Used by the staff at luxury hotels like LOEWS, MGM, ST. REGIS, RITZ CARLTON, FOUR SEASONS and many others in Vegas and Orlando, The Bed Tucker is the only way to make a bed without lifting the mattress.

Encourage Good Habits For Your Children

With The Tucker, since bed making is no longer hard work, your kids will actually WANT to make their beds. Available in Twin Packs so that everyone in the family can have their own!

There’s Only One Bed Tucker

Be sure you are not fooled by cheap imitations! The Bed Tucker, by DB Tucker is the original, patented and trademarked, bed sheet tucking tool. While we appreciate the flattery, there is nothing like the original!

for fitted sheetsfor fitted sheets

no more lifting with the bed tuckerno more lifting with the bed tucker

Happy Staff with The Bed TuckerHappy Staff with The Bed Tucker


Putting on fitted sheets is a breeze with The Bed Tucker! Even that hard to manage 4th corner is no trouble! Just insert The Tucker into the sheet corner and slide down the corner of the mattress!

Yes! It IS that easy!


Currently, in order to make a bed with “hospital corners” mattress often are lifted multiple times and frequently uses two people. The Tucker achieves the same result with NO LIFTING and by just ONE PERSON! Easy to learn, most people get it right the first time they try it!


Recognizing the potential injuries that can occur while making beds, CAL/OSHA requires all hotels provide their housekeepers with bed making tools. The Bed Tucker meets that requirement. Used in over 150,000 hotels rooms already, The Bed Sheet Tucker is the choice of experts.

just tuck itjust tuck it

The Tucker changes things

The only tool on the market that allows you to make beds ​WITHOUT HAVING TO LIFT the mattress at all! So simple to use, even kids can use it! Works on most mattress types and linens including fitted and flat sheets. Easily mastered in just a few tries, The Tucker is a game changer for most people who try it.

With a flat sheet draped over the mattress, just insert The Tucker in-between the mattress and box spring or platform and push in. That’s all there is to it!

Just Tuck ItJust Tuck It


The Tucker can help make your bed every time. Works on most beds including waterbeds, bunk beds and platform beds. A little practice when using a bed skirt (TIP: Hold the skirt with one hand and insert The Tucker with the other) will get you up and running in no time. Use on beds with footboards, to push the blankets in at the end without catching your fingers or rings. Use on beds with hard to reach areas, that you can’t fit your hand,

NOTE: There are some mattresses that The Tucker does not work as efficiently, such as those that sit very deep in a platform, or those with very high foot or head boards. Feel free to try it and if it doesn’t work on your bed, return for a full refund.



Manufactured in South Florida, The Bed Tucker is PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA. It is also packaged by the special needs adults of Palm Beach Rehabilitation Center, providing work opportunities for its members.

The Bed Tucker was the idea of Dolores and Phil, 91 and 98 who knew there must be a better way to make a bed.

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