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Before getting too far into diagnosing the problem with the tap in question, you should rule out a more widespread issue. This could be worth a try:

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Your main water supply normally enters your home in the cold kitchen or utility room tap.

No cold water in house uk. No 2nd floor bathroom, bathroom moved to down stair extension (is like. If there’s no water in the house but your stopcock is open and your neighbours are not experiencing any problems, take a look at your cold water cistern. If there is nothing listed for your area, you can report it to us here by using our online tool.

If you have no hot water but the kitchen cold tap is working, then the storage. The best way to look for this is by going under each sink and feeling with your hand the pipes , one on the left is always hot and the one on the right is always cold. Check if there is a known issue in your area here.

For the same reason, there also needs to be water in the storage cistern. If there's no cold water in the house at all, proceed with caution when turning on any taps since the water that comes out will likely be hot. In which case, you'll need to contact a plumber (skip to step six).

2 floor victorian house with a cold water tank in the loft. However, for some people, a sudden loss of water pressure is caused by malfunctioning of the water supply line. Our cold water had been turned off by the water board this morning and our upstairs bathroom taps and toilet now has only a trickle of water.

If your water pressure suddenly drops below a standard 80 psi, there is most likely a problem inside your plumbing system. Consider buying bottled water for washing your hands until the problem is fixed, or set the temperature on the heater as low as possible. Ok, so there was no water coming out of the kitchen sink.

The very next step to take when there is no running water in the house is to see if it’s an isolated incident or a widespread problem throughout the house. The ball valve may be stuck, which will have caused the cistern to empty. I have no cold water upstairs, i have cold water in the kitchen, all the hot water is boiling hot, upstairs and down.

No cold water in bathroom or toilet but works fine in kitchen. Hi i live in a 1940's bungalow. No cold water coming into the house, has my water been turned off.

Hi guys have a small problem at home and was hoping for some help. If you have no cold water coming into the house at all, then check with your neighbour if they also have water. You’re looking forward to that glass of water to cool down but suddenly realize there’s no cold water coming out of the faucet.

Now, the loss of water pressure can create all sorts of troubles. That means you need to check other water taps in your house to see if they are working. Examine your cold water cistern.

I have been putting a bucket of boiling water down the loo each time it needs to be flushed!! Turn the kitchen tap on and turn the stopcock off where it enters the house. You need to contact an approved plumber or your landlord.

In some houses, the storage cistern also supplies the bathroom cold taps. A single handle faucet can go bad and cross feed the cold into the hot and cause this problem. In just five years in our house here in.

If water does not come from any of your taps: If your the only one that doesn’t have no cold water, then it could be that. So i suspect the taps are too for them all to fail at the same time.

The toilets wouldn't be off the cold water tank. If water is coming out of this tap but nowhere else in your home, it’s very likely to be a problem with your internal plumbing. This would cause the tank to empty and stop the flow of water to your taps.

Im in a housing association house and they told me its classed as a emergency and will be out within 24 hours. Our upstairs is tank fed due to low pressure aera and the missus has run the tank dry bathing kids washer on all day etcc If your neighbour doesn’t have water, then the mains water supply is off in the area.

There’s a heatwave and you’ve just spent an hour gardening. That’s because hot water exits the top of the cylinder due to gravity acting on the cold water cistern in the loft. Check your cold water cistern.

You’ll need to dislodge it by carefully pulling the float. Septic tanks, sewage pollution and sewer flooding. Follow your water from source to tap, and learn about your pipework responsibilities, or how to connect to our network your waste water find out more about our waste water services such as;

This means you have a cross some where in the house. So, if water comes out of this tap but nowhere else (such as your shower or bathroom), the problem is likely to be with your internal plumbing.

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