awesome REOKA Memory Foam Cervical Pillow for Neck Pain Relief – Ergonomic Pillow for Front, Back, Stomach, Side Sleeper and Shoulder Sleeping – Regular Firm (Queen)

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reoka woman reclining in chair happily enjoying her dayreoka woman reclining in chair happily enjoying her day

reoka cervical neck pillow whitereoka cervical neck pillow white

Memory Foam Cervical Pillow


Full Support for Head & Neck

Reduce Neck & Back Pain : The Reoka cervical support pillow, introduces a gradual slope that cradles the neck from the base of the spine all the way to your head. This slope keeps your neck from being pinched due to lack of support as well as keeping your back more aligned
Sleep Comfortably in Any Position : The unique shape of the pillow accommodates a whole range of different sleeping styles. As a back sleeper pillow, the base of the neck is cradled gently. As a side sleeping pillow, the same slope makes room for your shoulder and keeps your spine straight. As a stomach sleeping pillow, the raised shape makes it easier to breathe and put your arms around
Memory Foam Support : Shaped out of premium, high-density memory foam, makes our ergonomic pillows softly support your head without sinking all the way down. Made using natural processes, this eco-friendly pillow will last for years with each day as supportive as the first day you tried it
Cool & Therapeutic Pillow : Our natural cooling pillowcase is super soft and breathable. It easily transfers your body heat throughout the pillow over night to keep the surface nice and cool. The pillow case is removable for easy washing and drying. During washing infuse with therapeutic aroma essences for an unforgettable nights sleep!
Design We are Proud Of : We designed this product specifically because we couldn’t find another pillow that helped us fall asleep easily every night. We stand behind the fact that we love our product and hope you will too. We wish that it will change how you sleep for the rest of your life

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