awesome Insieme 12″ Extra Wide & Thin Bed Bridge Pad Twin to King. Strapless. Use to Cover & Fill Gap Between Combined Beds or Split King Adjustable Mattresses. 3″ V-Shape Middle Wedge & 0.4″ Thin Edges

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INSIEME – Extra Wide Standalone Bed Bridge Solution (Strapless Version)

At Insieme we care about the quality of your sleep, and we care about your family. Insieme is Italian for “together”, and we aim to bring you the best sleep experience you’ve ever had together with your spouse, loved ones and pets.

Easily fill the gap in your split king adjustable or split queen adjustable bed, combine two twin or twin xl beds into a king or join any two beds to make a larger bed using this bed bridge. Designed for mattresses resting on a common base/frame, this bed bridge covers mattress gaps up to 1.5″ wide and gently adapts around mattress contours as bed sides are adjusted. The unique V-Shape wedge is easy to insert and helps keep the bed gap filler securely in place. The bed bridge’s exact dimensions are: 74.8″x11.8″x3.3″.

Not recommended for pillow top mattresses or for gaps exceeding 1.5” width. Please note that this product does not come with a strap & is not recommended for combining mattresses that may slide apart unless a mattress pad or fitted sheet is used on top.

Heart on King Size BedHeart on King Size Bed

Restore Your Love Life – Works with Most Split Adjustable Beds

Whether you and your spouse have a split king or split queen adjustable bed or two individual mattresses of any kind that you would like converted from twin or twin XL to a king size Insieme bed bridge can do the job.

Many couples now own a split adjustable bed which is great for each individual’s comfort. However, these beds come with an unwanted drawback – the dreaded gap between the mattresses. The middle of the bed becomes an uncomfortable “no-go” zone, which seriously complicates cuddling or romantic time (acrobatics required to avoid the crack).

Insieme bed bridge covers the gap and gently folds around the contours when the sides are adjusted. The head and foot of each mattress can be raised or lowered as desired. You can be in the middle of the bed and not even realize that you are on the gap. Please note that extreme differences in the adjustments of each side may cause the bed bridge to shift or pop out. Use a fitted sheet covering both sides to limit bed bridge movement.

V Shape WedgeV Shape Wedge

Unique V-Shape with Equal Weight Distribution and Minimal Bump

The Insieme Bed Bridge provides great support with a 3.3” center that tapers down to only 0.4” on each side. This wide design allows the weight of whatever is laying on top of it to be distributed evenly along the pad. The thicker middle provides strength and support to prevent sagging into the crack while the thinner edges make for a smooth transition to your bed. The V-shaped wedge is slim enough to fit comfortably in the gap of even the snuggest of mattresses and while ensuring that the bed bridge doesn’t slide from left to right. You will hardly notice the bed bridge – even when lying directly on top of it.

Small dog on bed bridgeSmall dog on bed bridge

Great for Pets on Your Bed

Do your furry friends like to sleep in bed with you? With Insieme bed bridge you no longer have to worry about your pets slipping into the crack or hurting their paws. Reclaim the otherwise wasted gap space between split king adjustable beds by smoothing it over. The V-shaped foam wedge provides natural support and evenly distributes weight. This means your pet – no matter how large or small – can now safely sleep in the middle of your bed even if each side is adjusted differently.

Take Your Bedroom to the Next Level of Comfort

Bed Bridge ComfortBed Bridge Comfort

Ideal Width and Comfort

Width is key to ensuring a bed bridge works properly and Insieme bed bridges are among the widest in the market at nearly 12 inches (30 cm) wide. Beware of narrower bed bridge solutions which may easily fall into the crack during the night if bumped by an elbow or heel. The foam wedge spans the length of the underside and is the part of the bed bridge that fits into the gap between your mattresses. The top of the bed bridge is covered in a soft hypoallergenic fabric made from bamboo rayon microfiber. The edges are rounded and covered in silky smooth thread. The foam wedge spans the length of the underside and is the part of the bed bridge that fits into the gap between your mattresses. It is made out of top quality 25D foam which has anti-allergenic properties. It is durable and yet still cushiony and highly breathable.

Insieme bed bridge is super easy to install. Simply push your mattresses close together, insert the wedge of the bed bridge mattress pad into the gap between the mattresses and center it lengthwise. Voila! You’re done. You can either lay directly on top of it or use a fitted sheet with elastics or mattress pad to further secure it. No strap is required.

When not using simply roll up with wedge inward and insert into the storage bag provided. The bag is lightweight and has a handle on the top making it convenient to take the bed bridge with you on trips.

Please do not put your Insieme bed bridge into the washing machine, This may ruin the foam underside. Instead the bed bridge can be soaked gently and washed by hand in water with soap. Leave to dry horizontally on a flat surface. After the product has air-dried you may put it the dryer on a low setting for a few minutes to fully fluff and restore to original shape.

Adjustable Beds

Some if mattress perimeter accessible No

Regular Beds
Some – not for beds that slide apart

Bed Types
Split King/Cal King/Queen Adjustable, Divided King Adjustable, Side by Side Adjustable Mattresses Regular Mattresses on Common Base or Frame, RV Beds, Trundle & Day Beds Twin or Twin XL Beds, Split King or Queen on Non-Adjustable Frames, Inflatable Mattresses Twin or Twin XL Beds, Split King or SPlit Queen Adjustable or Non-Adjustable Beds, Inflatable Mattresses

Bed Sizes
Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King 2 Twin, Twin XL, Full or Queen Mattresses or Combinations Thereof

Bedroom, Guest Room, Vacation Rental, Hotels, RV Bedroom, Guest Room, Home Bedroom, Guest Room, Dorm, RV, Camping

Premium Bed Bridge Pad – designed for mattresses resting on a common base or frame; covers gaps up to 1.5 inches wide and gently adapts around mattress contours as bed sides are adjusted in sync
Extra Wide – at 12 inches wide this bed bridge evenly distributes weight laying on top of it; the pad tapers to only 0.4 inch on the ends and is designed to reduce the bump and maximize comfor
Split Adjustable King or Queen Beds – simply insert the mattress connector wedge side down into gap and cover combined bed with a common fitted sheet
Regular Beds – push mattresses together, secure with a bed strap (sold separately) and place bed bridge on top over the crack; cover with a mattress pad or king fitted sheet to hold in place
Important – If your gap is wider than 1.5 inches this product is not for you. For adjustable beds please note that large differences in position of each side may cause the bed bridge pad to shift or pop out; use a combined fitted sheet to limit its movement

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