amazing TUBE Pillow You Stuff With Clothes – Transforms Into Extra Luggage without Excess Fees – Fits Up To 3 Days of Travel Essentials – Keep Your Belongings Nearby in Case of Lost Luggage

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Introducing the TUBE, the revolutionary Tubular Travel Pillow that’s not just a pillow! Imagine stuffing your pillow with clothes instead of fluff. Now you can finally say goodbye to those pesky baggage fees and hello to stylish, innovative travels with the TUBE. This handy dandy pillow can hold up to 3 days worth of clothes, meaning you can finally pack light and live large!

The Tube Stay Comfy Save Money Travel essentialThe Tube Stay Comfy Save Money Travel essential

Convenient Travel Essential

Overweight luggage?

Simply transfer items to your Tube Neck Pillow and – voilà. You’re on your way, without extra luggage fees!


Whether you’re jet-setting to exotic destinations or road tripping with the squad, the TUBE has got you (and your clothes) covered.

3 days 3 days

Holds up to 3 days of clothing

Stuff it, Zip it, Clip it – And you’re on your way!


Smile, you just paid less!

So why settle for a boring old neck pillow, when you can have the TUBE and look fly while doing it?

The Tube Saves You Money!

The TUBE is a great conversation starter pack,The TUBE is a great conversation starter pack,

Great conversation starter

And it packs in its own pocket.

* it’s worth the shot 😉

peace of mindpeace of mind

Get the peace of mind you deserve.

The TUBE combines free extra luggage and travel neck pillow, saving up to $70 and more in excess luggage fees and optimizing packing efficiency
Pack the TUBE with up to 3 days of clothes and avoid that extra checked luggage, easily stow it in your luggage, backpack, or purse, as it folds into its own pocket for compact storage for those return flights of souvenir t-shirts and towels
Ideal for various adventures, including weekend getaways, camping, hiking, cheap airline tickets and more, the TUBE simplifies packing and maximizing luggage space
Constructed with quality material, the TUBE is built to last, making it a travel essential and long-lasting addition to your travel gear
As seen on TV! Experience convenience, and rave reviews of The Tube on your next trip, and discover why it’s a popular choice among travelers

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