amazing Inflatable Lumbar Travel Pillow for Airplane Back Support for Chair and Travel Seat Lumbar Support Pillow

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Product Description

Get relaxed in an airplane OR working at home OR long daily walk.

while a flight or taking a train or buswhile a flight or taking a train or bus

In a carIn a car

Perfect for work at home or remote workPerfect for work at home or remote work

For daily walk or outdoorsFor daily walk or outdoors

During a long flight or long trip taking a train or bus, you can relax using it as a neck pillow, headrest or for your back/lower back. Great for a tiring business trip to get and stay relaxed.

It is also very useful using it as a headrest or support lumbar/lower back in a car during a long trip.

Now these days people work remotely more than ever. This compact pillow that easy to carry around fits your needs perfectly.

It is great item to take with you for short break at your daily walk while sitting at bench. The weight is only about 6 oz.

SmartTravel Lumbar Support Pillow for Airplane-Travel

Lumbar Support Pillow Travel Pillow.Lumbar Support Pillow Travel Pillow.


The SmartTravel Lumber-Support Travel Pillow features die-cut memory foam fits your body curve to reduce pressure along the spine, while maintaining density on the sides for stable support. It’s self-inflating by loosen up the air valve and allow to personalize the level of air and can be adjusted with one hand to add best comfort to any seats at airplanes or restaurants or theaters or stadiums or even offices.

You can relax with SmartTravel Lumbar Support Pillow for Airplane-Travel

easy to adjusteasy to adjust

 BAYER High resilience inflatable memory foam stuffing BAYER High resilience inflatable memory foam stuffing

Ergonomic unique curve design for your backErgonomic unique curve design for your back

The maximum thickness is 3.7”. Find your most comfortable size by adjusting air.

The various shapes of fine memory foams and a layer of filled air will fit your body nicely and relieve the pain from you. The stuffing is a Bayer High resilience memory foam. It is a high quality material that can withstand repeated use on frequent trips.

The original unique curve design corrects posture of your back and spine. The One-handed valve adjustment deflate the air and provides comfortable support while using pillows.

How to use Travel Lumbar Roll

 Adjustable thickness inflatable travel pillow Adjustable thickness inflatable travel pillow

If you want to inflate moreIf you want to inflate more

Easy to deflate, Save your time and spaceEasy to deflate, Save your time and space

Surface fabric is 5D(POLY PONGEE)TPUSurface fabric is 5D(POLY PONGEE)TPU

The One-handed valve adjustment allows you to adjust the expansion size freely. Personalize density, size and thickness and get comfortable support.

If you want to inflate it more, you can twist and open the air valve and breath in air.

The airplane is landing soon! Twist the air valve, it will deflate quickly and you can fold the SmartTravel Lumber-Support Travel Pillow in a compact size. It takes only five seconds. Don’t waste your time or space on the trips.

The surface fabric is made of a durable 5D (POLY PONGEE) TPU. It is resistant to friction and is suitable for outdoor pillows at camping. Not to mention that good for short travel or/and long drive in the car. It is also stain resistant.

Easy to use Lower Back Pillow


How to take careHow to take care

Small storage bag with spring hookSmall storage bag with spring hook

It can be attached to airplanes seats, car seats, office chairs, etc.It can be attached to airplanes seats, car seats, office chairs, etc.

The surface is water-resistant by TPU coating, so it can be used for outdoor activities on the resort’s beaches or in rainy weather or for watching sports outside.

If it got dirty, use a neutral detergent to wipe it off with a clean brush or towel and air dry.

SmartTravel Lumber-Support Travel Pillow comes with a small carrying bag with hook. It is a convenient airplane travel accessories by attaching it to the suitcase or travel bag. No need to carry an extra bag.

The woven elastic band attached to the pillow is highly elastic and can be attached to any chairs, such as airplanes seats or car seats or office chairs.

Discover SmartTravel Difference

Durable Wide Woven Elastic BandDurable Wide Woven Elastic Band

Usability in flightsUsability in flights

travel pillow naturaltravel pillow natural

Packaging contentPackaging content

The woven elastic band is highly elastic and durable (cannot be detached from the pillow).

The Travel Accessories brand, SmartTravel contacted with the airlines as to whether the product is usable on board. We have received responses that it is usable on the following airlines: American/ United / South West / Alaska Airlines / Air Canada / Air France / Lufthansa / LATAM Airlines Group / British Airways / Eastern China Airlines / Air China / Aeroflot Russian Airlines / Turkish Airlines / Japan Airlines / All Nippon Airways .

It is usable under the rules, but please ask and follow the instructions of the flight attendant. It is depend on the operating conditions.

The reviews you see at the SmartTravel are 100% NATURAL reviews. As you know, many products are not really purchased by customers and there are a lot of unnatural reviews. With the experience we have sold on Amazon (in Japan and the United States) number of years, if their ALL products receive fair reviews, there will not be an average of more than 4.5 starts over a long period of time. We do not post any unnatural reviews. There is the way to confirm that if it’s 100% Natural Reviews or not with some web sites such as ReviewMeta etc.

SmartTravel Lumber-Support Travel Pillow , Carrying bag (with hook), Elastic band

Feet Separated Design

Compact size

Wide durable strap

8 inserts support

Well designed

Memory Foam

Adjustrable Strap

Anti Slip

One of brilliant travel essentials and travel must haves. The unique three-dimensional structure supports gently on your lower, mid or upper back, and excellent pressure distribution reduces the burden on your back. Keeping the spine correctly in an S-shape, leading to a stable posture. Back pain relief.
For those who have a lot of long flights and those who drive for a long distance. Recommended for those who want to sit in a comfortable seat and chair. This lumbar support pillow can be used in various applications and places such as airplanes, cars, offices and home.
Inflatable back pillow memory foam: 13.8” x 7.9” x 3.7” Deflated : 3.5″ x 6.3″ Weight of pillow with matching packsack: 5.64 oz. PORTABLE from airplane, car, subway, train, truck seat and more.
Expandable Back Band : Body pressure is absorbed and dispersed with moderate resilience that is neither too soft nor too hard. Comfortable for a long time. The back mounting band is adjustable so it can be securely fastened to car seat, office chair.

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