awesome Pillowflex Premium Polyester Pillow Insert — 21″x37″ Machine Washable, Oversized King Bed Sleeping Pillow – Large Rectangle Sham Stuffer – 1 Decorative Pillow Form

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Machine Washable Pillow Inserts | Made in USA | For Decorative Shams & Covers | Hypoallergenic | Full Soft Corners | No Lumps | Nice and Soft – Use the yellow sizing chart in the images to select the best size insert for your sham – Very soft – We use a medium loft fiber that will give your shams the softest feel. – Smooth – We use virgin American made fiber that has been silicon treated which keeps it from lumping and keeps your shams looking nice and smooth, the pillow is ready to use right out of the box. – Full corners – The smooth soft fiber of this pillow makes getting fiber into the corners of your sham easier with less fluffing – Machine Washable / Odorless / Hypoallergenic / Lint and Dust Free – Hypoallergenic – 100% Polyester fiber filling, this pillow is hypoallergenic, odorless, lint and dust free, free of flame retardant chemicals, fiber is made in USA. – Covering – We use an American made pillow shell from a high thread count poly cotton blended fabric, that is durable and machine washable (cover is not removable) – Made in Palmetto, GA USA *Where to use* – Use as an insert in decorative shams – Couch shams – Bedroom shams – Sleeping – Crafting – Anywhere you need a pillow! – Intended for indoor use *Care* – Machine wash cold on delicate setting – Tumble dry on low – Fluff as needed
CORRECT SIZE: Please use provided size chart image! Measure along seam of your shams by pulling tight along the outer seams and measure along seam corner to corner, even if size is marked. Your insert should be larger than your sham to correctly fill the corners of the sham and give them a nice full look. This 21×37 inch pillow insert is recommended for use in 20″x36″ 21″x37″ shams. or for an extra full standard pillow case.
SOFTNESS AND VERSATILITY: We use a virgin 7 denier fiber to create a soft yet full pillow. The fiber has a silicon treatment to prevent clumping and give your home’s shams a touch of class that will last for years. Use anywhere that needs a pillow — couch, love seat, beds, day beds, reading nook. You will even love sleeping on our pillows.
HYPOALLERGINIC – Our pillow is made from American Made polyester fiber that has just the right balance of softness to firmness with a plump look. Odorless, Lint and Dust Free, No flame retardant chemicals.
PILLOW SHELL – Pillowflex manufactures our own high thread count pillow shell, not removable, for each polyester pillow we make. Our pillows features a safety stitch to keep your pillow from unraveling when washed.
MADE IN USA – Our high quality pillow is proudly made in Palmetto, GA, USA of sustainably sourced fiber shell. Support American Manufacturing.

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