amazing Reading Pillow for Gaming, Extra Large Arm Rest Pillow for Adult, Memory Foam Bed Rest Pillow for Reading, Working, Playing Steam Deck Switch or Sitting in Bed Floor Sofa(Grey)

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Product Description

Cooloo8 Reading Pillow can use in reading, woking, playing Steam Deck or Switch

Playing Steam Deck SwitchPlaying Steam Deck Switch

Reading pillow for sitting in bed

lap desk,bedside table,Reading Pillow,reading pillow for bed adult,lap desk for laptoplap desk,bedside table,Reading Pillow,reading pillow for bed adult,lap desk for laptop

Reading pillow for sitting in bed

This reading pillow can be placed on the bed to read books, keep 90 ° posture, to protect your eyesight; reading pillow with arms can reduce your arm soreness when you spend a lot of time reading books, watching computers or playing games.

Reading Pillow BedReading Pillow Bed

Lap desk for sofa

when you are reading or watching TV for couch, you can also use this over the bed desk rest pillow, can support your hands and you can put your cell phone on top of the reading pillow on the bed desk so that you can see the messages from your cell phone or put other small items at any time.

Pillow with Arms,floor pillows seating for adultsPillow with Arms,floor pillows seating for adults

Arm rest pillow for sitting in floor

This can also be used as a memory foam gaming pillow can be held in your hands when you play the game game controller support your arms to prevent the soreness of the arms, but also to protect your neck will not be sore; while your legs can choose to Your legs can choose to extend into the bottom of the gaming pillow, so that you sitting in floor can also let your legs move freely.

lap desk for bedlap desk for bed

back pillow for sitting in bedback pillow for sitting in bed

lap desklap desk

Arm Support Design

The arm rest pillow with arms made of memory foam that is soft and firm to support your arms.

Big Capacity Laptop Bed Desk

You can put books, laptops, remote controls, etc. on this laptop desk with the arm rest pillow.

Pocket Design

Double side pockets with fine stitched welt, you can put some small items inside this pocket.

reading pillow,husband pillowreading pillow,husband pillow

This can be used as a reading pillow for lap desk for sitting in bed, sofa, floor and low plush carpet

Product name: Multifuntional reading pillows

Weight: 5.5BL

Size: 23.6*22.8*13.4inch

Color: Grey

Packaging: A gift drawstring storage bag

Material: The pillowcase with reading pillow with arms can be disassembled by hand wash or machine wash;

Special material: This arm rest pillow is made of 91% polyester and 9% spandex, which fits the human skin, refreshing, comfortable and breathable; This bed rest pillow with arms supports your elbows to relax your hands;This can be used as a reading pillow for lap desk for sitting up in bed, sofa, floor and low plush carpet; This bed table pillow with arms side with arm support and large capacity volume bed desk design is convenient for you to use while reading, working, and gaming; Principle: this can be used as a bed laptop table of the gaming pillow using the principle of bilateral arm support to reduce the weight of the elbow; this reading pillow laptop desk you can put books, newspapers, laptop lap pad, gamepad and other items on it; Underneath the reading pillow, you can stretch your legs in to get proper relaxation, which can relieve elbow paralysis or leg paralysis caused by sitting for a long time.

Relax Your Arms: Extra large adult reading pillow with arm rest can be used as a lap desk for bed; it is larger and more comfortable, with arm support to relax the strength of your arms and a flat desktop to work on your computer.
Relax In The Game: If you feel tired when handheld game, you can try our gaming pillow sitting in handheld game, you can cross-legged under the memory foam table can make your posture more comfortable, can also reduce the pressure of the game machine in your hands.
Excellent Design: Our arm rest pillow is designed with pockets on the side, allowing you to put remote controls, cell phones and other items; and the bed rest pillow cover is removable for hand washing or machine-washed; we have developed this unique reading pillow using a combination of arms support and desktop.
Free Your Legs: This lap pillows seating for adults is perfect for when you are reading a book or newspaper, whether you are on sofa or in bed, you can put your legs inside the groove, rest your hand elbows on top of our memory foam pillow and enjoy every minute of relaxation. It also comes with a storage cord to save space by storing the pillow when not in use.
High Quality Materials: Our reading pillow cover is made of polyester and spandex, comfortable and breathable; the pillow insert is made of polyurethane, filled with high quality, high density memory foam, which is clean, soft and quick to rebound, fits your body and provides perfect support.

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