amazing Portable Blender, 24oz Personal Blender for Smoothies & Protein Shakes with 10 Blades, Portable Juicer Blender with Travel Lid, Rechargeable, BPA Free, Small Blender Cup for Travel, Sports (White)

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Product Description


2-1 3-1 5-1 4-1 1 10 Sharp Blade Design 2 Comfortable Handle Design 3 Dual-Lid Design 4 Type-C Rechargeable




1.01.0 1.Add Fruit and Liquid

Add fruit and a suitable amount of liquid to the cup. It’s recommended not to exceed 14 oz of fruit and liquid combined.

2.02.0 2.Rotate Motor to The Bottle

Rotate the main motor to the bottle.When the green indicator light blinks 3 times, it indicates it’s securely attached.

3.03.0 3.Double-Click to Start

Flip the bottle upside down, then double-click the power button to start. Shake the bottle at a 45-degree angle for better mixing.

4.04.0 4.Insert Straw Component

Straighten the product and unscrew main motor from bottle.Install the direct-drinking cup lid and enjoy your beverage!

Why doesn’t the product work?

1.Low battery: Please charge before attempting to start again.

2.Safety lock: If the blending cup isn’t tightened, the blender won’t start.

3.Large chunks of ingredients may jam the blades. Try to cut ingredients into evenly sized small pieces.

Can it be used to crush ice or frozen berries?

Yes, it can. To ensure optimal performance, please make sure the ice cubes and frozen berries are not too large, and gently shake the blender while blending to better crush them.

How can I achieve excellent blending results?

1.Cut the ingredients into evenly sized small pieces.

2.Ensure a balanced ratio of ingredients and liquids to avoid being too dry.

3.Gently shake the blender while blending for better results.

4.Extend the blending time as needed.

Is it convenient to clean?

Yes, it’s easy to clean! Just add water and dish detergent, run for one minute to thoroughly clean. The bottle is detachable, if liquid seeps between the inner and outer shells, disassemble it. For detailed instructions, check the video on the page.

【Portable & Large Capacity】This portable blender boasts a sizable 24oz (680 ml) high capacity, ensuring you have ample vitamin nutrition throughout the day. Whether you’re traveling, hitting the gym, picnicking, camping, or blending at home, it’s your perfect on-the-go juice companion.
【Powerful Mixing Performance】Our portable personal blender is equipped with 10 blades of 304 stainless steel, operating at 7.4 volts to deliver high-speed blending performance, effortlessly crushing ice, fruits, and vegetables, providing you with fresh smoothies and juices every day. (Note: For optimal blending results, please cut ingredients into small pieces before blending).
【Easy to Use and Clean】Simply double-click the power button to turn it on. If you see the indicator light flashing red and green but the blender isn’t working, check if the lid is tightly screwed on (a flashing green light indicates the lid is secure). After use, add water and turn on the power for cleaning.
【Safe Charging Design】The smoothie blender comes with a USB charging cable, no need for extra purchases, and can be fully charged in 3-4 hours. Once fully charged, it can make 10-15 cups of 24oz (680 ml) fresh juice. The charging port is also designed with a silicone cap to fully protect it.
【Ideal Gift & Reliable Customer Service】 The YiNiiOiOi mini blender makes for an ideal gift for your family, children, and friends. Moreover, YiNiiOiOi offers professional after-sales service. Should you have any inquiries about YiNiiOiOi products, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re available 24/7 to assist you!

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