amazing Lumbar Support Pillow – Memory Foam for Low Back Pain Relief, Ergonomic Streamline Car Seat, Office Chair, Recliner and Bed (Grey)

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With work stress and bad living habits, our cervical and lumbar spine will face various discomforts, soreness and deformities. Seoto lumbar pillow can help us relieve these problems and reduce our negative emotions caused by irritability and inability to sleep, so that our life will be more harmonious and happy.

Seoto lumbar support pillow, perfect to fill the gap between the waist, fit the waist curve, care for the waist, relieve pressure and relax your lower back better


Why Choose Seoto Lumbar Pillow? Relieve back pain Help relieve back pain keep the lumbar spine Reduce lower back pressure Improve sleep quality

Seoto Lumbar Pillow is made of 100% memory foam, healthy, clean, soft and provides enough back support to keep your back cool and dry for the best experience

“C type” waist support + “T point” top waist Seoto Lumbar Support Pillow is ergonomically designed to be soft and comfortable, relieve the stress on your spine during long drives, and help you maintain the correct posture.

Not only is there a “C-shaped” waist hug, but there are also raised modules in the “T point” area of the human waist and lumbar spine, that fills the waist gap

Seoto Lumbar Pillow features a highly breathable 4D mesh pillowcase for extra comfort during use. At the same time, the high-density memory foam can absorb your vibrations during driving, whether you are sitting or lying down, it can gently stretch your waist and relax your muscles


Are you in a lifelong struggle with low back pain? Are you tired of difficulty falling sleeping. Or Are you suffering from the waist pain during long-term driving?

If so, it is time to try our excellent lumbar support pillow. Our Lumbar support pillow for sleeping is with ergonomic design, perfectly fitting the curve of the human spine. It offers sufficient cushion support to your waist to effectively relieve your waist & hip pains, which will provide you with a wonderful rest or sleeping experience.




Fits the waist gap

Are you unable to sleep because of back pain? Please try a lumbar pillow, it can help you relieve low back pain, help you fall asleep easily, and bring you a comfortable experience.

Relieve stress

When you are tired from work, relax or rest, stretch and relax your muscles properly to gradually relieve your back

Soft and comfortable

Memory Foam Lumbar Support Pillow is ergonomically designed to be soft and comfortable, Relieve the stress on your spine during long drives and help you maintain correct posture





Comfortable and breathable

4D mesh fabric is breathable, not sticky, smooth, not easy to wrinkle, good breathability

Removable and easy to clean

Invisible zipper for easy removal, smooth and durable

100% memory foam

Gently return to the inner core of the memory foam in 3-5 seconds, uniformly absorbing the pressure of the dispersion, and supporting the force

Essential for driving

lumbar support pillow is designed with both front and back. While ensuring that the front conforms to the human body’s hip and waist ergonomics, it also focuses on whether it conforms to the size of the car seat, which is both comfortable and fit.

Pain Relief Physically – Surgeon Recommended: Our ergonomic lumbar support pillow is made of high-density durable memory foam, offering cushion support and relieving waist & hip pain to provide you with a wonderful rest or sleeping experience.
Cushiony and Breathable: The 4D air-cool mesh on the lumbar pillow cover is highly breathable for comfortable contact. Also, the quality memory foam inside absorbs shock during driving and perfectly fits the human spine curve and offers cushion & comfort to your waist no matter you sit or lay.
Wide Application: Our lumbar pillows provide a comfortable area to improve your back and can be used in car seats, office chairs, beds, etc., ideal for side reclining, supine, long-term drivers, office workers. It guarantees adequate back support and a better sitting experience at all times.
Easy to clean: We use breathable 4D mesh fabric for air circulation, unlike most lumbar pillows, our lumbar pillow is machine washable, it has an invisible zipper, just pull the lid off to clean, remember! Do not wash memory foam.
Reminder & Quality Service: The hardness of lumbar pillow will vary from temperature – get harder under cold weather, and quickly return softness as long as placed under warm conditions. It will not affect the use. We value your experience, if you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact us.

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